Boring® Mornings with Mahsa Willis

of Mahsa Label.

Good morning. Who are you?

M: Hi, my name is Mahsa Willis. I live in Titirangi, West Auckland, in beautiful native rainforest bush.

What's your current approach to life?

M: The older I've got, the more I enjoy just taking my pleasure quite seriously.

Can you tell us about your beautiful house?

M: My house was built in the early sixties, which is a beautiful period of mid century architecture. It's all original, and it's very Japanese inspired.

What’s your morning routine like?

M: I always meditate in the morning, and that's been something I've been doing for seven or eight years. Then I'll get up and usually make coffee, which is a perfect friend of meditation.

Can you describe your work?

M: I have a fashion label called Mahsa Label, and it's definitely a love language to women.

What’s your approach to designing for your label?

M: It's very simple and timeless, quite utilitarian but with a romantic twist. We're trying to transcend the seasonal approach to fashion to sort of slow it all down and make it more sustainable.

What’s something new that you’ve added to your routine lately?

M: I've recently taken up surfing. It makes me feel invincible somehow. It really quietens your mind and in a quite profound way, you really have to be quite focused and attuned to what's going on around you. And I think these days that's pretty special.

Thank you, Mahsa.