Boring® Mornings with Jayden Klinac

of Anew

Good morning. Who are you?

J: Hi, I'm Jayden Klinac. I'm the founder of Anew and I live on Waiheke with my partner Rachel.

Tell us a little bit about your routine.

J: I spend Monday to Friday in the office, in the city. Living on Waiheke, I’ve found a new sense of energy being able to remove myself from work and come back to the island and jump in the ocean.

What's something new you've tried recently?

J: I've started trying to wind foil, which has been a huge challenge. When you're young, you try all these different things and you're not afraid to learn. As I’ve gotten older I found I'd stopped doing that and have just stuck to where my comfort zones are. So picking up something that I've never done before and giving that a go has been fun. It’s been humbling to just be terrible at something.

Can you tell us about Anew?

J: Anew is a company that's trying to revolutionise consumption through circularity. We look at packaging from a holistic view, forgetting the fossil fuels and oils and making them out of renewable materials and designing them in a way where they can be reused for longevity, and where there's actually value in it, it's not just something you throw away.

If we're going to do something, we might as well have a good crack at doing something that means something to you. We can do this whole consumption thing better, it’s hard to ignore it now, despite the hard days.

Thank you, Jayden.