Recycling is Boring

Why we chose plastic.

The Facts:

• Clear PET plastic is widely accepted in kerbside recycling in New Zealand.

• 72% of PET plastic consumed in New Zealand is processed here.

• By comparison, liquid paper board is not kerbside recyclable throughout New Zealand.

• The majority of liquid paper board is sent offshore (by Visy to Australia or Asia).

• Of that, approximately 30% is downcycled* and 70% is sent to landfill worldwide.

*A typical liquid paper board carton contains three different materials; 74% paper, 22% plastic, and 4% aluminum. This trifecta of materials makes it more difficult and costly to recycle than aluminum—and plastic, for that matter—because the metal and plastic must be stripped out. The polymers and aluminium are extracted and are then used to make a variety of new products such as; Green Roof sheets, bins and school desks. Goods that there is little demand for - roofing tiles and decking.